Introduction - Level 1

At Level 1 the student gets introduced to surfing by an experienced surfing instructor. The student learns important information about the surf conditions at Praia de Faro, the surf rules, the surfboard and terms in surfing such as trimming, bottom turn front side and back side, cut back, snap, floater, off-the-lip and reentry. Moreover the student receives instructions in safety and responsible handling of the surfing material.

The student will be taught in choosing an appropriate surfboard for each level of surfing as surfboards have many different kind of shapes, materials and functionalities. Clube Surf Faro provides all kind of surfboards and wetsuits for each level and each type of student in for example height or weight. The student will be equipped with an appropriate wetsuit and surfboard. 

How to choose the right wave for your fist manoeuver and how to do the take-off on the surfboard will be taught in a last step at the beach to ensure enough confidence for each student before practicing surfing in the water.