Advanced - Level 2

At Level 2 the lesson is focused on the first step of student improvement. The first surfing maneuvers will be trained such as trimming, bottom turn front side and back side, cut back, snap, floater, off-the-lip, reentry etc.

We will also teach you how to choose the most suitbale board for your surfing level. The surfboard can be divided by size, material, shape, suitability to perform different tricks and to improve your surfing skills. For each student, we provide a surfboard which fits with theur height, weight and his/her skills.

The student will also learn to understand waves and conditions of the ocean. The knowledge how waves are working is a really important part for proper surfing. We will teach everyone how to choose the right waves for your first maneuver and then you will step by step improve your progress!

Advanced LEVEL 2 Program

  • Improvement in wave observation and selection
  • Improvement in wave ride
  • Duck dive
  • Trimming
  • Intro. Bottom Turn (FS & BS)
  • Intro. Cut back
  • Intro. Snap
  • Intro. Floater
  • Intro. Off-The-Lip / Reentry