Pre-Competition - Level 3

Level 3 corresponds to the second phase of advanced student improvement. The student learns in general all the mechanics of movement and all the maneuvers that are added gradually. We will also begin teaching water sports on a psychology basis, especially focusing on anxieties in waves up to 1.5 m. Those lessons include video analysis of each student's performance. In this 3rd phase, the goal is to move your surfing skills one next step forward. In professional surfing, the key point of performance is the surfer's ability to generate speed on the wave. Besides that we will teach you how to create this speed, how to use the full potential of the wave, how to find the right spot on the wave for example where the wave breaks, like Beachbreak, ShoreBreak, ReefBreak, or Pointbreak. LEVEL 3 PROGRAM • General mechanics of the best maneuvers • Use and keep board speed • Break Anxiety in Line-Up • Video analysis of the performance of each surfers • Behavior at peak "Crowd situations" (priorities, respect) Share